About Us!

Homeless To Home Animal Rescue
And Cat Sanctuary

Homeless To Home is a non-profit organization, funded solely by donations, committed to the welfare and protection of all animals. It is a fact that too many communities have a pet overpopulation problem, especially a huge cat problem. There is a shortage of help for the homeless animals and the people connected to them. Not every situation where animals find themselves in need of another home is a result of callous treatment. Many people have found themselves in desperate circumstances and simply can no longer provide for beloved pets. Many were turned away or charged a fee to surrender a pet or stray they may simply be trying to help.

Homeless To Home receives these animals, recognizing that when animals are turned away, it rarely ends well for them. Sadly, shelters that turn animals away indirectly cause suffering. Moreover, help is not needed only during business hours; animals find themselves in desperate situations 24/7, every day of the week and even holidays.

We understand this and strive to offer a safe place for them and solutions to help them stay in their homes when possible. No fee is required, although donations are always appreciated and necessary to continue our mission! Recognizing that the only answer to overpopulation, cruelty and neglect is to Spay and Neuter, we are passionate in our quest to educate, guide and assist pet owners to ensure that each animal we help does not contribute to homelessness and suffering.

To this end we partner with H.O.P.E. Clinic operated by The Wyandot County Humane Society in Upper Sandusky, Ohio – our friend and mentor.

The need is great. We can and will do our part but we can’t do your part. It takes us all. By joining us with your compassion and financial support, you will Help Us Help Them!